New Vaccination Distribution Phases

Today, Governor Polis announced a change to the vaccine distribution phases. The graphic below shows the updated phase schedule. At this time, Montrose County is finishing phase 1a and working on plans for the individuals who were added to 1b. … Read More

Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT! We were recently notified about a new ‘COVID Test Result’ scam. If you receive a call from an 888 number and the caller identifies as a third-party service that shares COVID-19 results, do not share any personal information … Read More

Make a COVID-19 Plan

Montrose, COLO.— Montrose County Public Health is encouraging the public to have a COVID-19 plan for their household. Increased COVID-19 cases have indicated that transmission is occurring within family or residence units and creating a plan may help reduce case … Read More

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