Montrose County COVID-19 WIC FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about WIC during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Montrose County WIC Contact Information:

(970) 252-5088 or

Montrose County WIC Website


Are WIC clinics open during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Due to COVID-19, the statewide Safer-at-Home order, and for your safety and the safety of WIC staff, most WIC appointments are being completed by phone. Please contact your local WIC clinic for more information. To locate a clinic near you, visit  

What if I can’t contact my local WIC clinic?

Contact the Colorado WIC Program and we will be happy to help connect you.

Can I get WIC if I lost my job due to COVID-19?

If you or another member of your family has lost income due to COVID-19, you may be eligible for WIC. WIC provides healthy food, nutrition information, breastfeeding support, and referral services to pregnant women, new moms, babies, and children up to five years old. All caregivers can apply for their baby and young children including dads, grandparents, foster parents, and other guardians. Check for more information. 

Note: Stimulus checks, also known as Economic Impact Payment, will not be counted as income for WIC eligibility purposes.

How do I sign up for WIC?

  1. Request an appointment at It takes only a few minutes. We’ll contact you soon to see if you qualify and schedule an appointment.


  • OR –  


  1. Give us a call! To find a clinic near you, visit


What about breastfeeding and COVID-19?

Breast milk protects your baby from getting sick and is the best source of nutrition for most babies. Breastfeeding helps strengthen your baby’s immune system because breast milk contains antibodies and other important components. 

Coronavirus 2019 has not been found in breast milk according to the few studies currently available on breastfeeding women. The main concern with COVID-19 is the parent or caregiver making the baby sick through respiratory droplets. 

If you are sick, experiencing Coronavirus symptoms, or have tested positive, you should take all possible precautions to protect your baby, including when breastfeeding, by washing your hands and wearing a facemask when you touch your baby. You may breastfeed directly at the breast or express breast milk for a healthy caregiver to feed to your baby.

If you choose to express your breast milk, be sure to wash your hands before touching your breasts and any pump or bottle parts. Remember to keep your pump and pump parts clean – follow the CDC’s recommendations for proper pump cleaning. Express your breast milk as often as your baby eats from a bottle to help keep up your milk supply. 

How do I get a breast pump through WIC?

WIC can provide breast pumps, breastfeeding supplies, and support to women who are currently enrolled in the program and have already delivered. You can enroll in WIC during your pregnancy (proof of pregnancy is not needed) or after delivery. Staff trained in breastfeeding are available to help you with important breastfeeding information and tips to help you meet your breastfeeding goals, including providing you with the right pump for your needs. 

For breastfeeding information and support, contact your local WIC clinic by visiting  

What if I need help finding infant formula?

If formula shelves are empty, ask a store employee if they know when it will be available or if there is additional stock in the back. Please refer to the WIC shopping tips and then contact your local WIC clinic if you need additional support. 

It is not safe to make infant formula at home. Laws and other government rules require all infant formula sold in stores meet very strict ingredient guidelines to make sure it supports healthy growth and development. It is important for your baby’s health to purchase formulas that meet safety and nutrition standards and are prepared according to the directions on the label. For more information on infant formula read this article from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

How do I get a specialty formula if my WIC clinic is closed to in-person visits?

If you, your baby, or your child is receiving a special formula and the WIC clinic you attend is closed to the public, we can arrange to have it delivered to your home at no cost. To set this up, please contact your local clinic.

To find your local clinic’s contact information, visit

What if a WIC food is out of stock at my grocery store?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased shopper demand, you may experience challenges finding WIC-approved items at the store. Here are a few shopping tips to help you prepare:

  • Go as early in the month as possible and shop early in the day when shelves are freshly stocked.
  • If you are pregnant, many stores have special shopping times for seniors and other vulnerable populations. Consider going shopping during these times.  
  • Try another store. 

Colorado WIC has temporarily expanded the foods you can buy to help you get what you need for your family. Contact your clinic to ask if you are eligible for these expansions.

The WICShopper App is the best way to find out if a food item can be purchased using your eWIC card by using the scan barcode feature. This app has other features like showing what foods are still available for you to purchase with your eWIC card and links to healthy recipes. Be sure to download the app at home before going to the store. 

For more information and additional shopping tips, visit

Can I order WIC foods online or use curbside pickup?

Grocery pick-up/delivery of WIC food purchases is not available at this time. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Shop in the morning when there may be fewer crowds and more items in stock.
  • If you are pregnant, many stores have special shopping times for seniors and other vulnerable populations. Consider going shopping during these times. 
  • Use your eWIC card at the self-checkout lanes at participating Walmart, King Soopers, and City Market stores.
  • Send someone you trust to go shopping for you with your eWIC card. 

For more shopping tips, visit

Food Resources

  • No Kid Hungry has launched a texting hotline to provide information about emergency food distribution sites in communities where schools have been closed due to #COVID19. To find free meals for your kids today, text the word FOOD to 877-877 or visit to find a site near you. 
  • You can check eligibility and apply for SNAP benefits through the Colorado PEAK website. This is the quickest way to get assistance through a single application.
  • For additional food assistance resources, visit Hunger Free Colorado’s Food Resources During the COVID-19 Outbreak webpage or call the Food Resource Hotline at 855-855-4626.