4/28/20 Daily Update


Montrose County regrets to report a COVID-19 related death of 76-year-old male; the patient had pre-existing medical conditions. There are no positive cases to report today and five negative results. Earlier today, the Montrose Board of Health rescinded the burn ban that was put in place in March. As a reminder, please contact WestCO Dispatch at 970-249-9110 prior to burning in Montrose County. For additional information on fire restrictions in nearby jurisdictions, please visit westslopefireinfo.com.

Testing continues in Montrose County at the county’s test site and primary care provider offices. Please call your primary care provider if you have symptoms of COVID-19. If you do not have a primary care provider, several local providers are accepting new patients.

Please continue to take precautions: wear a mask if you are working or have to go out in public, wash your hands, and sanitize common surfaces. Also, please keep regular appointments with your primary care provider to keep chronic conditions under control. Most importantly, if you are sick please stay home, treat your symptoms, and call a doctor if your symptoms worsen.



Montrose County Public Health has a test site available for individuals who meet criteria to be tested. In order to be tested, please CALL your primary care provider. Please note COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized at MMH include both positive cases and suspected cases; as such, this number fluctuates daily as results are returned and patients discharged.

COVID-19 Cases in Montrose County COVID-19 Deaths in Montrose County COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized at MMH Positive Cases Reported as “Self-recovered” from COVID-19 symptoms
95 , and *one presumptive/inconclusive result 11 2 77


Age Range Number of Cases
0-10 1
20-29 15
30-39 8
40-49 14
50-59 14
60-69 18
70-79 16
80-89 8
90-99 1


Male Female
44 51