4/30/20 Daily Update


Montrose County Public Health has two positive cases to report today and one negative result. Today, Public Health Pandemic Specialist Dr. Joe Adragna gave an update on COVID-19 and the county’s efforts. The update also included the Center for Mental Health, Montrose Police Department and Commissioner Sue Hansen. To view the update, please visit fb.com/montrosecounty and to view the slides from today’s presentation, please click 2020 4 30 FB Update.

The Montrose County School District would like to notify students that weekday school lunch pick-up will be available until the end of July (excluding holidays). Additionally, the end of the Remote Learning for the year will be May 15th.

Montrose Memorial Hospital is a safe place to receive care. The EOC is receiving reports of patients that are seeking care from providers that would otherwise need care from the hospital’s emergency department. Delaying routine screenings such as mammograms or colonoscopies could lead to missed or delayed findings that impact treatment options. Please continue to seek preventative care in order to stay healthy.

Continue to take precautions: wear a mask if you are working or have to go out in public, wash your hands, and sanitize common surfaces. Also, please keep regular appointments with your primary care provider to keep chronic conditions under control. Most importantly, if you are sick please stay home, treat your symptoms, and call a doctor if your symptoms worsen.



Montrose County Public Health has a test site available for individuals who meet criteria to be tested. In order to be tested, please CALL your primary care provider. Please note COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized at MMH include both positive cases and suspected cases; as such, this number fluctuates daily as results are returned and patients discharged.

COVID-19 Cases in Montrose County COVID-19 Deaths in Montrose County COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized at MMH Positive Cases Reported as “Self-recovered” from COVID-19 symptoms
99 , and *one presumptive/inconclusive result 11 6 80


Age Range Number of Cases
0-10 1
20-29 16
30-39 9
40-49 14
50-59 15
60-69 18
70-79 17
80-89 8
90-99 1


Male Female
47 52