5/8/20 Daily Update


Montrose County Public Health has one new case to report today and 34 negative cases.

The Montrose Board of County Commissioners recently extended the county’s Emergency Declaration through August. Please note – this is *not* the same thing as Public Health Orders or Safer at Home orders. An emergency declaration makes the declaring agency eligible for national funds to assist with costs associated with the disaster (in this case the disaster is COVID-19). Want more information? Read the declaration here: https://www.montrosecountyjic.com/public-health-orders/

We all play a part in helping stop community spread and reducing the number of cases of COVID-19 in the county, and we can do that by washing our hands, limiting social interactions, maintaining social distance, and wearing a mask when in public.

If you have questions, the Montrose County Public Health info line is available at 970-252-4545 in both English and Spanish.

As always, please keep regular appointments with your primary care provider to keep chronic conditions under control. If you need emergency medical help, the Emergency Department at Montrose Memorial Hospital is a safe place to go for care. They have precautions to keep patients safe and skilled medical care for emergencies.


Montrose County Public Health has a test site available for individuals who meet criteria to be tested. In order to be tested, please CALL your primary care provider. Please note COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized at MMH include both positive cases and suspected cases; as such, this number fluctuates daily as results are returned and patients discharged.

COVID-19 Cases in Montrose County COVID-19 Deaths in Montrose County
123, and *one presumptive/inconclusive result 11


COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized at MMH Positive Cases Reported as “Self-recovered” from COVID-19 symptoms
6 82


Age Range Number of Cases
0-9 1
10-19 1
20-29 21
30-39 17
40-49 17
50-59 17
60-69 20
70-79 17
80-89 8
90-99 1


Male Female
60 62