6/23/20 COVID-19 Update



Today’s Data Notes

Today Public Health reports three positive confirmed cases (PCR) since Thursday. The county has not heard back from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regarding the second data-driven variance.

As a reminder, the variance request is driven by the county’s data–the overall community prevalence is low and the county’s testing capability is strong. When the county is informed of the decision, the public will be made aware of the changes.


Masks/Face Coverings

It appears that mask or face covering use has decreased by the overall public. Montrose County Public Health is encouraging the public to wear a mask when social distance is not possible in public places. Mask wearing has helped significantly decrease the spread of the virus so far. Please continue to do your part to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in Montrose County. Below is a quick video from a Japanese news channel regarding how masks help protect the community.

Coronavirus: How Masks Can Limit the Spread – NHK Documentary


Community Updates

The Montrose County School District (MCSD): From the Montrose County School District (MCSD): Next week MCSD will publish our first in-person protocols for summer school instruction. Summer school dates and locations are available on the District website and official Facebook. Weekday lunch pick-up service will continue to be available through August 7th at Montrose High School and Olathe Elementary School from 11:00-1:00pm.

On tomorrow’s business update call, the City of Montrose in partnership with the Telluride Venture Fund will administer a business survey live in polling form where business owners and managers can interact anonymously, but also see the survey results of the group after each question.
The results will help us build programs tailored specifically for your business and its needs.
Register for the live call here: www.tinyurl.com/MBUsurvey
Can’t make the call? Take the survey online through this link.